This is Barbara Bouwman’s website.

Barbara Bouwman is a psychologist of work and organisation, career and study advisor,  hr-interim professional, trainer, consultant and coach with 15 years of experience.

Barbara Bouwman has a bachelor degree in hotel management and modern Japanese studies and a master in psychology of work and organisation. She has working experience as careeradvisor, manager and consultant.  As a psychologist of work and organisation she is focussed to work on developing people as individuals and organisations. She advises, trains and coaches people to develop personal competencies and consults on hr-topics like careerchoice, recruitment, selection, assessment, absence, mobility, learning, talent-, management- and leadership development, performance management, organisational change.

She helps individuals and organisations to develop excellence by being a consultant, coach and sparring partner. She is working with individuals on study and career-choice and individual development in work. Organisations she works for are varied; profit and non profit, regional, national and international, formal and non formal setting.

Barbara Bouwman is a member of ICF, certified coach (PCC en CPCC),  Psychologist NIP and Registered Psychologist NIP (Work and Organisation).




Are you interested to work with Barbara Bouwman? Please contact through mail: info(please fill in “at” sign )bouwman.nl.